how to make a career in the auto industry

Automotive engineering is currently one of the 5 internationally established popular occupations. If you like working with automobiles and repairing parts, feel free to say that this profession is for you. Since formal education alone is not important in this profession, your success depends largely on your own skills and passions.

Even with minimal knowledge, many chose the auto industry as a profession. As there is a high demand for workers in this profession, income is also very attractive. According to a 2016 figure, more than 255 million cars are currently used in the United States alone. As a result, approximately five million jobs were created in this profession.

For lack of adequate investment and geographic location, car manufacturers are not yet developed in our country. However, you can make a career in several automotive companies staying in the country and completing your studies on the subject. Tell us in which areas of the auto industry you can make a career.

1 Body technician

If you like auto repair, this auto profession is for you. It is usually the job of a body technician to protect customers’ vehicles and correct problems. These functions include car body (frame) repair, suspension, wheel alignment repair, etc.

While these jobs may not look good to you, the good news is that you don’t have to pursue a bachelor’s degree. However, to work as a body technician in developed countries, a certificate of ‘Excellence in Automotive Services’ is required. A body technician earns 40 to 42 thousand dollars a year, which is equivalent to about 35 lakh Bangladeshi rupees.

2 Automotive engineer

An automotive engineer handles all aspects of building a new car, such as design, passenger safety and fuel usage. It is the responsibility of the automotive engineer to manufacture a new car according to all the demands of the manufacturing company.

Typically, you can join an automobile manufacturing company by graduating in automobiles, specifically in mechanical engineering. In addition to job skills, analytical skills are required for this profession. An automotive engineer earns $ 75,000 to $ 90,000 annually.

3 – Car sales manager

The car sales manager deals with the dealership to deliver goods to buyers. In addition to selecting cars for buyers, controlling the volume of sales is the profession’s responsibility.

It is easy to enter this profession, usually with a bachelor’s degree in business or administration. But with a few years of experience in sales and management. In a developed country, you can earn $ 75,000 to $ 8,000 a year from this profession.

4 Automotive instructor

An automotive instructor works in an environment such as an auto repair shop or a classroom. The profession is responsible for educating students studying cars about car repair, design, transportation and passenger safety.

Although the income of car coaches in our country is quite low. However, if you have many years of experience working in the auto industry alongside graduation, you can go to any foreign country and earn up to Rs 50,000 a year from this profession. However, in this case, in addition to graduation, it will also be necessary to take the teaching qualification.

5 Car detailing

If a manufacturer is not willing to work for the company or does not have many opportunities due to lack of graduation, then you can choose this profession. The dealer basically has to clean the car. This includes cleaning the car’s body, wheels and window glass, as well as refurbishing old cars. Although this does not require formal education, you should have a good knowledge of the various car cleaner product relationships.

You can earn at least forty thousand dollars a year by being employed in the auto detailing profession. However, it is not impossible to increase income three to four times the amount of work.

6 Car rental agent

As its name suggests, renting a car is the function of this profession. In addition to Bangladesh, there are many car rental companies in every city in the developed world. As a result, the demand for personnel needed for this profession is everywhere.

It is the job of a car rental agent to help consumers choose a car and prepare contract documents with them. If you have a driver’s license and an unclaimed driving record, you can join this profession. In developed countries, you can earn $ 23,000 to $ 26,000 annually from this profession.

7 Engine refurbishes

If you love car engine manuals, then this job is for you. You can join mechanics as a graduate or as an employee of a professionally licensed auto repair company.

If you are engaged in this profession, you will usually have to solve various engine problems, such as gear, crankshaft, camshaft repair and pressure testing. An engine refurbisher’s annual income ranges from $ 60,000 to $ 70,000.

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