5 Tips to Show your intelligence on the interview Board?

If you are doing a job interview, the directors of the interview board want to know your professional skills and technical knowledge. They want to choose the best candidate for their organization. The interview time is not enough to convince the officers how many qualifications you have. Therefore, your conduct will show how skilled or qualified you are.
You can know a lot, you are very good at work, but you cannot reveal it in front of the interview panel employees. Then you will be left behind concerning the other candidates. You must demonstrate to the interview board that you are a qualified person for your organization.

You need to present yourself as a suitable candidate for the interview so that the interview panel employees understand that you can do your organization’s job efficiently. That means in addition to having job qualifications, You need also to have sensitive intelligence so that you can present your skills in front of your boss or interview board officials.

1) What is sensitive intelligence?

Sensitive intelligence is often used to describe how well you can express yourself, in addition to your professional skills. This means the opportunity to speak to employees about their skills. The more one has this quality, the more one will be ahead of the other candidates. It may seem exaggerated or uncomfortable.

The presentation of the interview board is important to be selected

However, your interview is indeed an idea of ​​your character. The better you present, the more you present your resume, the more you can prove your worth. Because an employee of an organization will always seek the future of your organization among you. Therefore, sensitive intelligence is a very important topic in professional life.

2) The way you can use sensitive intelligence

LT Ladino Brison, a founder of Candidates.com, said that who is the most qualified indicator is the one who has the most sensitive intelligence of an organization’s director when selecting candidates. He also added that, at the moment, good professional skills or experience alone are not enough. Instead of giving brief examples of how you can handle difficult situations well, your thoughts or reactions can make a good impression on you among the managers of the contracting organization.
LT Ladino Brison, a founder of Candidates.com, added that he needs to reflect on what he has presented to the executives of his organization in their workplaces. Otherwise, if your words and actions don’t match, you will lose credibility with your organization. Suppose you went to an interview for a job at an organization.

3) The skills you have must also be demonstrated through work

There they ask you if you are part of a good team, how do you compliment that team with other employees? In that case, you must show how you will work with other employees. For example, the process of highlighting problems or solving problems.
On the other hand, if you go to an interview for a managerial position, you must show how you can be a good leader for your employees, that is, how much your employees are encouraged to listen to you or how they are doing and managing the team. The important thing for these organizations is to work with employees maintaining a happy and cultural environment.

4) Show references

Another great way to assess your competence, in addition to your sensitive intelligence in the workplace, is to receive a referral letter from a former colleague and manager of the organization. There will be descriptions of your previous job skills and sensitive intelligence. This will allow directors or officers of the organization you want to work with to learn more about your skills with them.
But before showing your reference letter, make sure you know what your experience is with working with the people you refer to or whether they will make good reports about you. A reference letter is very important for getting a job in a news organization. This will make it easier for employers to learn about your work ethic and build trust in you. What will evaluate you as useful to work in your organization.

5) Pre-interview preparation

Your interview should be such that the directors of the interview board feel that you are very interested in meeting them. You can study the institution well in advance, which will help you show that you are a qualified candidate on the interview board.
On various social networks or online, you will find many texts on how to prepare before the interview. You can usually prepare for the interview by studying the type of organization you are interviewing or the type of work you are willing to do. Above all, no negative attitude can be expressed in the interview.

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